ingodwetrustSimple words, in which we exchange back and forth throughout our daily lives. Do we know what it means? We print it on our money, most of us stand behind and up for it. Really, though, how many of us truly trust in God as it says we do on our money. This is big! Our nation, founded on godly principles and men of godly character, understood it when it became part of our national motto, but it seems has completely lost sight of it. Now we say American Pride.. etc, etc.. The thing is, you can be proud, but when pride pushes aside trust in God.. well we’ve seen many many great nations, full of pride, crumble to nothing, swiftly.. at the loss of trust in God. Ask God to reveal the message in Romans 1:21-32 and then read it. Idolatry doesn’t mean that we build a statue and kneel down before it, it is simply putting something other than God first.. The very money we print this motto on has become an idol in America.. The American Dream.. Do you have a dream that you would sacrifice everything to realize? Think about it..

update:¬† The mere consideration of the following means we’ve gone to far: