As Ray Lewis ends his career on the field after a stunning year, and the Lombardi to top it off, some might say that for this athlete to find God after being connected to a stabbing is suspect.  Doesn’t God operate similarly in many lives?  That is to say, for some, the only way to look is up, once hitting rock bottom.  If the man was involved, and has truly been changed, he WILL own up to it.  If he is not involved, then is it not a pity that his new life was not better received by the naysayers? I say give the man his quote on national television. “If God be for us, who can be against us“, this from Paul’s words in Romans (8:31 NIV).  Ray Lewis has a vigor and personality that many shake their head at, but the man on fire for The Lord has an opportunity to reach a very large audience.  Some hate him, but Jesus said “They will hate you because they hated me first“. This is no surprise to Ray Lewis, nor is it a surprise for Tim Tebow, and the scores of other celebrity Christians.  He is tough, and his legacy begins now.  God Bless You, Ray Lewis, stand strong and pray often, the world is tough, but Jesus Christ has overcome it!

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