Hurricane Sandy has brought a tremendous amount of destruction across the northeastern United States, especially in the Tri-State Area of New York/New Jersey/Connecticut.  This area, as well as the area stretching from DC to Boston, and inward through West Virginia and Ohio has experienced an array of weather conditions including blizzard-like snowfall, heavy ice, flooding, down power-lines, toppled trees, missing roads and structures. All of this yields for many, no power, no heat, dangerous conditions and surely many injuries and even death.  Please begin to pray for each of these people that have been affected..  Many can be saved through these times, and many need strength, not only to survive, but to be the Body of Christ during this time.  Pray for those that are helping others, pray for safety, strength, salvation, and brotherly love.  Continue to pray for at least 3 days, but let us not forget the tragedies that are happening in people’s lives as we read this post.

Father in heaven, we pray now for your people that have been stricken by this massive storm. We see the power of your all-mightiness and we stand in awe.  Lord we know that you tear down and you build up, we pray now lord God that your healing and strengthening is fast on it’s way to those that are suffering as we pray right now. Strengthen your body as they tend to the injured, guide those that are lost, that they might find salvation, lead us all into the truth of your scripture that we may know that even in this destruction, you are the light and you can do all things.  Please Father God, bring these people through this tragedy and bring all of our eyes upward toward you.  Thank you my Lord in Heaven, In Jesus Name we pray..  Amen.


After prayer and meditation, take a look at: – Sandy’s trail of devastation


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