Me: “I’ve tried and tried…. I work till I fall from exhaustion… I pray over and over… I try so hard to live right… I spend so much time at church….. I… I… I….  God, Why don’t you answer my prayers?”

God: “Just stop….  Give up… Give in… I don’t want your work and worry.. I WANT YOU!”

I don’t know about you, but I struggle way too much trying to do things… good things.. that God never told me to do. I’ll get a little insight or inspiration from God’s word (printed or spoken) and go off setting the mechanics in motion to “get-R-done”. The thing might get done, but unless God “got-R-done”, it was of little significance. What then, does God want of me… us?

For me, the best, most direct answer is Philippians 4:6,7 where Paul writes: "Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and request to God. Then because you belong to Christ Jesus, God  will bless you with peace that no one can completely understand.  And this peace will control the way you think and feel. (Contemporary English Version)

Kinda sounds like the popular song a few years ago…. “Don’t worry, Be happy!” Could that be?  Could God want us to just depend on him for everything?  But, God helps those who help themselves, Right?… WRONG!  God takes care of those who depend on Him!

What God wants from us is dedication, closeness, dependence, love, life… He wants friendship and kinship with us. He loves us as his own children. He wants to laugh with us and be around us. He wants our prayers, not to jog His memory of our needs and wants, but to talk, walk, laugh, and joke with us. He wants our closeness with Him. Remember, we serve a LIVING God. He is not a collection of stories and legends… He is alive now!  Jesus is alive now!  There are no bones or other remains of Jesus because He has risen!

Yes, God wants our prayers, and He wants us to ask things of Him. But note the promised answer to our prayers quoted a few paragraphs before:  “… peace that no one can completely understand.”  Getting the things we asked for as we expect them is not His promise… The promised answer is the peace of God.

A few years ago, my church passed out prayer cards where we logged the amount of time each of us spent in prayer for specific things, mostly our city and its leaders. After a month or so, our pastor was very proud to announce that collectively we had logged several thousand hours of prayer. That was wonderful, but I felt then and now that we missed the point. The Bible tells us to “…Pray without ceasing.” That means always. That really means belonging to Him to the point that my spirit is in contact and sync with His Holy Spirit 24/7. I cannot do that, but if I submit, He can!

Jesus said in John 15:4, ” Stay joined to Me, and  I will stay joined to you..”  and in verse 7, “…If you remain  in Me and My words remain (abide) in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given you.” The operative phrase here is “remain (or abide) in Me.." not “ask whatever you wish..” If we are abiding in Him, our wishes will be in sync with His wishes for us.

So then, what does God want from me?  …nothing!  everything! All He wants is me… my rights to myself. What does he give in return?  ….everything, life, eternity. Also, he gives the most valuable thing imaginable while we are here on Earth.  The peace of God that passes all understanding.

So, go on… Don’t worry… Be happy. He approves!

Catherine Vogt is an 8th grader in Oak Park, Illinois. Just before the election, Catherine, with the approval of her history teacher, decided to conduct an experiment about tolerance at her school.

As John Kass wrote in the Chicago Tribune, “She noticed that fellow students…overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama for president. His campaign kept preaching ‘inclusion,’ and she decided to see how included she could be.”

So one day she wore a T-shirt to school on which she’d written “McCain Girl.” She carried a journal with her to record the reactions she got. And what was the response? She was called stupid, very stupid, and told that she shouldn’t be wearing it. Then fellow students told her to “go die.” In fact, she reports that she was told many times she should be killed. One student told her she should be “crucifixed” for wearing the shirt. Catherine found it almost funny that he didn’t even know the word “crucified.” One teacher also remarked on the shirt, telling Catherine that she wouldn’t judge her for her choice, but “she was surprised that I supported McCain.”

Catherine got very few even remotely positive comments. One girl privately told her that she liked the shirt.

The next day, Catherine wore a T-shirt on which she’d written “Obama Girl.” The response to that? “People liked my shirt. They said things like my brain had come back, and I had put the right shirt on today.”

After the experiment was revealed, her history teacher engaged her class in a debate. “I said, here you are, promoting this person [Obama] that believes we are all equal and included, and look what you’ve done? The students were kind of like, ‘Oh, yeah.’ I think they got it.”

And the teacher who had expressed “surprise” when Catherine wore the McCain shirt? When she found out about the experiment “she was embarrassed because she knew I was writing down what she said.”

Catherine turned the experiment into a report for her history class and got extra credit.

Story Credit:
Marcia Segelstein
Original Story:

Jesus, it is in my hour of need that I see Your powerful provision in my life. When I am in need of comfort, You are my Comforter. When I am in need of courage You go before me. When I am in need of friendship You are my friend that sticks closer than a brother. When I am in need of stability You are the Anchor for my soul. When I am in need of finances You own the cattle on a thousand hills. When I am in need of peace You are the peacemaker. When I am in need of food You are the Bread of Life. When I am thirsty You are the living water that leads to eternal life. You are my Shepherd and I shall never be in want of anything. Thank You for meeting every need I have. Amen.


Oh well, my candidate for President did not win. Bummer! Now what?

In a previous writing (Vote for Obama???) , I spelled out a dozen or so reasons why Mr. Obama should not be our President. Unbelievably, not everyone followed my lead! In fact, less than ½ the U.S.A. did! In fact it seems that some in my own family did not follow my wise counsel….. Can you believe that?

One in the family, whom we love very much, replied in part, "Adios Bush, Aloha Obama. The whole country needs aloha spirit." (No, it wasn’t my wife…. she pretends to agree with me most of the time.) You know what, she’s right! President Bush will soon be leaving the office and Mr. Obama will soon be President Obama. Now, that may be hard to say, but we might as well get used to it.

The "Aloha" spirit… Hello and welcome President  Obama…. is just the spirit we need. Aloha also means good bye and god speed… hopefully we will feel that way when he leaves office down the road. But hey,  I  didn’t vote for him, so he’s not my president, right? WRONG! He is (or soon will be) the president of my country, therefore he’s my president (elect). Whether I agree with him or not, he will be my, the American, President, duly elected by a free people in a fair, democratic election.

"Yeah, Right" you say, "You drank the Obama Kool-Aid and now you agree with him." No, not at all. I still believe the same as before, and included in that belief system is the Judeao-Christian Bible. As mentioned before, the Bible is clear that NOTHING happens without God knowing it. Barack Obama was not elected while God was yawning or something. In fact that Bible tells me that I must respect and honor those He puts in authority over me. I’ll willingly do that. That same Bible clearly demonstrates that God created us with free will and a good mind. I believe God expects us to use both within the parameters He has made clear.

For many years I have said that the President can do very little on his own except inspire and lead. Congress and the courts have equal power and probably effect our daily lives far more than the Executive. In my lifetime I can remember ten U.S. presidents. Of those ten, Obama is only the third one who has the obvious gifts of high intelligence, public speaking, charisma, good looks, and believability coupled with such a great following in the American people. Those 3 are John Kennedy, Ronald Regan, and Barack Obama. Clinton had the chance to be included, but his overt dishonesty in little matters made him not believable in important things.

Great forward strides were made for America under Kennedy and Regan (space program, Cuban crisis, fall of Berlin Wall and Soviet Communism, etc.). Now Obama is staged for similar greatness. That greatness will depend directly on his ability and willingness to lead us as Americans… Not as conservatives or liberals; Not as Republicans or Democrats; Not as Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, or any other religious belief system, but as Americans.

While we all need to embrace him as our President, he must be the President for ALL of us. His greatest challenge early on will be in himself. He must abandon partisanship for leadership. We all want a president who can inspire and lead; who can stand up against his opponents or his own party for what is right; and who can  show the world that America is still the greatest nation on Earth. I believe Barack Obama is capable of that and truly hope and pray that he will. We all desperately want him to succeed as president for the sake of America. Success or not us up to him and those he puts in power around him.

So, as Christians, now what ? It is up to Christians to use our most powerful tool, prayer. In our selves, we are nothing, but God is all powerful. This God we serve has told us that we have not because we ask not, so ask! pray! Pray first for safety, protection and good health for Mr. Obama and his family. Second, pray for Divine wisdom for our President. (God doesn’t need instruction on what is wise, so let Him decide).  Pray that God keeps us, as Christians, humble in spirit and steadfast in faith. Remember, God resists the proud and empowers the meek. (It’s  hard, but I’m working on it.)

Now, having said all that will I set back and let come what may without complaining? Not a chance… I still believe in and will practice my right of free speech as well as the right to make a fool of myself and regularly embarrass my family and loved ones. My wife and I fully intend to live long enough and be loud enough to become a problem to our children. It’s only right… After all, we survived all of their teen age years without abandoning or killing even one of them!


It is with great respect that I ask for prayer for President Obama.  I pray for inspiration and guidance, truth and love, that he will lead this country into greatness and closeness with the Lord.  Please allow him to see the path that you have laid for us and that through his leadership and Your will, Lord, that we will again prosper in Your word and joy. In the name of Christ Jesus, amen.

California, Arizona, and Florida have constitutional amendments on the ballot to ban homosexual “marriage.” Liberty Counsel examines the Florida amendment as well as the repercussions of the federal election.

Matt StaverMat Staver of Liberty Counsel tells OneNewsNow the stakes are high in Florida because passage of a constitutional amendment requires 60 percent of the vote. “Right now the polls show about 57 percent in favor of the amendment. The good news is only 34 percent oppose the amendment,” he explains. “There is an undecided factor in there. I believe that factor will swing for us when they go to the polls.”

However, he also points out the national election could affect all states in terms of homosexual marriage. If elected president, Barack Obama has promised to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, which currently means states cannot be forced to recognize homosexual marriages that are legal in other states.

“Now if that happens, that will be like removing the dam and same-sex marriage will flood across the country, notwithstanding the fact that a state even has a constitutional amendment,” he contends. “A state will be required to recognize either Massachusetts or California or some other state’s same-sex marriage law. That means same-sex marriage will literally rush across the borders of all 50 states.”

Staver urges people from every state to think carefully before they cast their votes on Tuesday.

Credit: OneNewsNow.com

Should I vote for Mr. Obama…. Let’s see…

He wants to take away ALL limits and restrictions on abortion, even withhold life saving measures for live babies born by accident during abortions

He wants to expire the Bush tax cuts thus automatically raising taxes without being blamed for it, then raise taxes on the “rich” whoever they are.

He considers all who do not agree with him to be … bitter Americans who cling to their religion and guns. (Hey, I’m not bitter!)

He claims to be Christian but believes: there are many ways to Heaven… the Bible can’t be taken literally… Muslims, animists, Buddhists, and all others are as right as Christians or Jews… he follows a pastor/mentor who takes God’s name in vain by demanding from the pulpit for God to damn America from the pulpit. (see John 14:6 and Exodus 20:3 and 7)  If you doubt, just follow this link:  <a href=”https://www.christianadc.org/pages/page.asp?page_id=45179″>https://www.christianadc.org/pages/page.asp?page_id=45179</a>

He claims to be qualified to run the country but,  except for local activism and politics, his total experience is 100 days in the US Senate.

He is more liberal than a self avowed socialist senator from Vermont…. His answer to being called socialist was not denial, but stated only that selfishness is not a virtue (Is government redistribution of the wealth by force a virtue?).

For at least two years he has  been trying to get us to abandon Iraq and let them fend for themselves, allowing Al-Qaeda and Taliban to return there. (Whether we should have attacked Iraq may be a ligitimate arument. But to abandon them after we conquered them would be just wrong. We broke their government and caused destruction that we must fix. Anything else would be irrsponsible and wrong.)

He wants make us energy independent with tire inflation, solar, and wind, and thinks we should be happy with $5.00/gal. Gas… He wants no nuclear, no new oil drilling or refining, no new coal (clean or otherwise).

He considers Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela small and unthreatening countries and  believes he can negotiate peace with terrorists and murderers who hate us.

Yup, That’s the guy I want to vote for…NOT!

All the above and much more have come directly from Mr. Obama’s mouth and/or his history. It takes very little research to find out.

The list really goes on and on. But we have all heard the rhetoric from both sides so much we are sick of it. One great thing about election day is that we get a short somewhat of a break from the incessant politicking and polling. However it comes out, we as Christians and Americans will go to and survive until we can thrive. Remember, the Bible is clear that we, as Christians, are to respect those in authority over us and honor our leaders. If our candidates do not get elected, we still will respect the new leaders, while adamantly exercising our right of free speech to disagree with them.

“Gather the people, call a fast, and afterwards I will pour out my spirit.”


November 1, 2008

Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA

10am – 10pm

In 1946, Franklin Hall launched a fasting and prayer movement out of San Diego with a book called Atomic Power With God Through Fasting and Prayer……Therefore, we are summoning believers from all across the state of California and the nation to gather for a Joel 2 moment. When there is no remedy, when there is no natural hope, God still has a holy prescription. Blow the trumpet in Zion, gather the people, and call a fast. Let the believers of this great state gather and cry out to God believing that California could become the flash point of real change in America not the open door to societal collapse. Let us return to the fasting praying womb in San Diego and seek the face of God on November 1st, 2008 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA. …

more at: http://www.thecall.com/Groups/1000016919/TheCall/Gatherings/TheCall_California_Fall/TheCall_California_Fall.aspx

Can’t make it to California? Join us live via God TV!

If you cannot join us at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, then join us live via webstream at www.God.tv/Stream or on DirecTV channel 365 for all 12 hours, beginning at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT.

The Soul of our Nation depends on us answering TheCall! so God will continue to Bless America