In 4 days America will have elected a new president. What is in store for the next administration is yet to be seen. But I am convinced that the past 8 years with George W Bush as president was no by accident. Only God could have so ordained that the right person was in the right place at the right time. God has done this many times in the past… Moses, Joshua, David, Esther, Elijah, Mary, Paul, Peter, Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Regan…on and on.

My perspective comes from a country boy Ohio childhood in the 1950’s; a high school and college student in the radical 60’s; an adult family builder in the 70’s thru the 90’s. Life was generally good with little concern for security, safety, and provision.

When George W. Bush was elected in 2000 by the narrowest of margins, I really don’t think we expected much from him. We would have been satisfied with him if he just restored some order and morality to the White House after Clinton’s immoral sexual escapades while in office. George W. Bush took the helm of a prideful, self satisfied, smug America.

The events of September 11, 2001 changed all that.. War was declared on America by a truly evil enemy. The perpetrators of that evil called US the "Great Satan" and Evil. We, America, are guilty of much… overindulgence, arrogance, over expectation of wealth, and more. But we were not the evil ones here…not even a little bit. Radical murderers supported by radical nations attacked us; killed thousands of us; declared war on us.

Only God could have known that this President, George W. Bush, was the man for such a time as this. Nothing in his background could have revealed his willingness and ability to pilot the U.S. into and through this turning point in history. I am convinced that it is President Bush’s willingness to submit to God and do the best he could that has kept us as a nation safe from further harm from the terrorist evil that assaulted us on 9/11/01.

I, for one, want to say "THANK YOU PRESIDENT BUSH".

THANK YOU.. for stepping up the days following the 9/11 attacks and rallying us as a nation to confront the evil of radical terrorism.

THANK YOU.. for clearly stating the simple fact that the attackers are wrong and evil and that the U.S. is right and righteous in this fight.

THANK YOU.. for narrowing your focus to the clear and present danger, and putting into place the measures to stop the evil in its tracks and insure eventual victory of good over evil.

THANK YOU… for mustering the forces and taking the measures necessary to invade, defeat, and hold Afghanistan and Iraq, the central supporters and safe harbors of Al-Qeda and the Taliban; the perpertrators of Evil.

THANK YOU… for staying the course for RIGHT even to the point of ridicule from your detractors.

THANK YOU… for recognizing that we must support Afghanistan and Iraq with military, rebuild infrastructure, build democracy, feed and house the innocent until they can stand strong and democratic on their own.

THANK YOU… for keeping focus on the greater evil of terrorism, even though I and others suffer slightly from having to tighten our belts in this current economy.

THANK YOU… for not bowing to political pressure and unpopularity. This is the key to victory in this war instead of the shameful outcome of Vietnam.

THANK YOU… for demonstrating that right and wrong are as clear as black and white, not shades of gray.

THANK YOU… for stand up clearly for¬† God, Family,Country, Right, Good.
THANK YOU… for being a righteous Commander in Chief that my son in law, a decorated navy hero, wounded in Iraq, proudly salutes as "Mr. President"

THANK YOU… for showing US and the world that the Americal heart is resolved in Right and Victory, not in slinking away in defeat as Washington DC and liberal educators in the 60’s caused us to do from Veitnam.

THANK YOU… most of all for standing strong for all us Americans, for following God’s lead and doing your best for what is right regardless of what others say.

President Regan left office with his head high even though his detractors held him to ridicule and derision. It took only a few years for America and the world to realize that he is among the few giants who have held the office of President of the United States. I am convinced that you, President George W. Bush, are the first great President of the 21st. century and will be counted as one of the greatest in our history.

Dave Howell
DeLand, Florida